What is Éléphant?

For 10 years, Éléphant: The memory of Québec cinema
has been gradually digitizing and restoring all the Québec fiction feature films ever made and making them readily available. It is preserving for future generations millions of images of Québec’s history: three-quarters of a century of our lives, our customs, our habits, our architecture and our landscapes. This treasured family album is accessible anytime on illico (Videotron) and iTunes.

Since Éléphant was launched in November 2008, almost 225 films have been digitally remastered: 225 movies brought back to life! Some had been in such poor condition that they could no longer be screened. Without Éléphant, much of Québec’s cinematographic heritage would have been lost forever.

Aside from a small amount to cover a portion of the platform’s operating costs, all revenues from distribution of the movies on illico go to the rights holders and filmmakers. Éléphant is a philanthropic project from which Quebecor derives no financial benefit.

Éléphant on the Web

The Éléphant website at elephantcinema.quebec is a gold mine of information and indispensable reference source on Québec movies. It lists all Québec fiction feature films, past and present, and contains a wealth of fascinating exclusive content, hundreds of exclusive in-depth interviews with the people who have shaped Québec cinema, trailers, video excerpts, special reports, detailed movie info, on-set stills and film industry news. Visitors can also peruse the catalogue of movies available for rental and order one by clicking on the illico or iTunes icon.

Éléphant on the big screen

For movie buffs who prefer the big-screen experience, Éléphant has teamed up with the Cinémathèque québécoise in Montréal and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec in Québec City to present monthly screenings of movies from its catalogue. Often, the director or one of the stars is present and the screening is followed by a discussion with the audience, usually moderated by Marie-José Raymond.

Éléphant around the world

The movies digitized and restored by Éléphant are available everywhere in Canada via the iTunes Store, and also in US, in Europe, and in all African countries where French or English is an official language. All the films are in French and English (dubbed or subtitled). As well, 50 movies from Éléphant’s catalogue are available in all Spanish-speaking countries with Spanish subtitles. Québec movies can therefore be seen at all times almost anywhere on the planet!


illico, channel 900
(Videotron customers)

Go the channel 900, select “Movies” from the pulldown list on the home screen menu, and then “Répertoire Éléphant”

To download the illico app :

Rent an Éléphant film on iTunes :


Consult the complete list of movies that are available for rent

Go to our site to see the full list of movies available on illico and iTunes elephantcinema.quebec/louer/


NON-PROFIT ! With the exception of a small amount to cover part of the platform’s operating costs, all revenues from the distribution of the films on illico goes to the people who make Québec movies


NEARLY 11 MILLIONS spent by Quebecor since 2007


MORE THAN 100 FILMS SCREENED at festivals and cultural institutions


MORE THAN 225 FILMS AVAILABLE 24/7 on illico Cloud and on iTunes.


MORE THAN 350 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with the builders of Québec cinema

250 000+

MORE THAN 250,000 UNIQUE VISITORS and nearly 750,000 page views on the Éléphant website in the last two years

500 000+

MORE THAN HALF A MILLION Éléphant movie schedules inserted in newspapers every year


I saw a movie on your site that I want to rent, but I can’t find it on illico or iTunes. Why not?

Our website lists all fiction feature films produced or coproduced in Québec from the early days of cinema to the present day – that’s approximately 1,500 movies. Of that number, 225 have been digitized and restored. Click on Louer un film (rent a film) to see the list of available movies. Films that are available on illico and/or iTunes have an icon with a link to those platforms.

I’m a broadcaster and I would like to screen one of your restored movies at a festival. What should I do?

Éléphant negotiates licences to the films it digitizes and restores only for its own activities. To screen a movie at a festival, event or theatre, you have to contact the rights-holder to obtain their permission, as well as information on the terms and conditions for screening the movie. Write to us at elephant_commentaire@quebecormedia.com for assistance with contacting the rights-holder.

Can I purchase a DVD or Blu-ray copy of one of the movies you’ve digitized?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide physical copies of the movies our team has digitized and restored. Éléphant holds video-on-demand broadcast rights but not retail sale rights. We provide a copy of each restored movie to the rights-holder, who is then free to decide if they want to produce a DVD or Blu-ray for retail sale.

Do you offer institutional subscriptions for schools and libraries?

We do not currently offer institutional subscriptions to the entire Éléphant catalogue, which is part of illico’s video-on-demand offering. If someone at your institution has access, you can use a personal iTunes Canada or illico account to watch an Éléphant movie. Rentals last 48 hours.

How come your movies are not available through public institutions like the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)?

None of the movies that we restore and make available are in the public domain. We have negotiated agreements with the rights-holder for each movie in our catalogue but we don’t hold rights that would allow us to make our movies available for free through a public institution.

I hold the rights to a movie. How can I get it restored?

Éléphant only restores fiction feature films. We digitize feature films that had a theatrical release prior to 2008, with some exceptions. If the movie meets these two criteria, you can email Éléphant’s director, Dominique Dugas, at dominique.dugas@quebecormedia.com for more information.

We are a media outlet and would like to use video clips/posters/photos from your website for an article or show. Can you help us?

Éléphant can use promotional material for a movie only within the scope of its digitization and restoration activities. You must contact the rights-holder of the movie to use a video clip or promotional materials related to the work or artist. Email us at elephant_commentaire@quebecormedia.com for assistance with contacting the rights-holder.

How do you decide which movies to digitize and restore?

Éléphant digitizes and restores fiction feature films produced before 2008. Films are selected to ensure that our catalogue includes a wide range of works and genres. Digitization and restoration also depend on the availability of prints, which can be difficult to find and sometimes require in-depth research, and on whether agreements can be negotiated with the rights-holders. Eventually, we hope to digitize and restore all Québec movies and make them accessible to everyone.

If Éléphant is an entirely philanthropic project, why does it cost money to rent the movies you’ve restored?

It costs $1.99 to rent a standard-definition movie and $2.99 to rent a high-definition movie. Quebecor does not benefit financially from Éléphant rentals. A portion of this minimal fee covers part of the platform’s operating costs. All revenues go to the rights-holders and the creators of Québec cinema through agreements with various professional associations.

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